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Savas Guven Part Of Fusion Families Program And Help In This Programe

savas guven sydney ceo

Savas Guven joined Fight to raise money for the Fusion Families Program, who wanted to help people under the Fusion Families program. So they took part in this The Fusion Family program helps people to help people with money-strapped people and uses them in the form of Fusion Families. Savas Guven joined this program and helped people. The Fusion Family’s program is the product of Heavyweight Rod Walker and family champion, Sally Hammond. For Sally the author of The Fusion Family program, there is an opportunity to raise event awareness and fund.

Savas Guven joined Fight To Raise Money For The Fusion Families Program

savas guven sydney ceo
Savas Guven joined the Fusion Families program because he wanted to help poor people and the dysfunctional weak people! Savassa Gwen is a very good boxer and he has won many awards in sports. Savas Guven played the innings till 12.44pm – 12.47pm and he remained winner in it.

Savas Guven Fight Here For Fusion Families Program

You want see more video of fight for fusion families program click here

Fusion Families Program Savas Guven Best Player in all players

Savas Guven is best player of all players in Fusion Families Program. The money used to come from this program used to be for the good of the people. Why a lot of people used to come to see this program and used to pay all the people a few penny tickets, which would have been good for those people who were kept for the job, the program owner kept the fences which used to handle all this work. That new guy came to him, he used to give him a few bucks. Savas Guven had also fought and all the money that his fight had accumulated. He gave them to all the poor families.

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