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Railway Recruitment: Will Railway Minister Piyush Goyal answer these questions?

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latest jobs in railwayA few days ago, three major changes were made in the rules of recruitment in the Railways. The maximum age limit for some posts was reduced from 30 to 28, the examination fee was increased to Rs 500 for the General Candidate whereas 250 for SC / ST Candidates was kept.

The third change was that ITI was compulsory for some posts. After these changes, the students started performing in the country. Students in Bihar and West Bengal also performed on railway tracks. Given the pressure of the media and students, the Railway Minister had cleared through the press briefing.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal, while giving clearance on the decision to increase the examination fee, said that the fee was increased so that only serious candidate can fill the form. The Honorable Railway Minister said that many times due to low tariff, people apply but do not take exams due to which the government is damaged. The Railway Minister has clarified that if the candidate sits in the examination then the increased fee will be refunded. The changes that were made with age and ITI were withdrawn. The Railway Minister has done so well by taking such a step, but many questions arise. So will the railway minister try to answer these questions?

railway minister endeavor to state that when the decision to withdraw the increased excise fee was taken

The first question: Will the railway minister endeavor to state that when the decision to withdraw the increased excise fee was taken, before the advertisement was sent or after the advertisement? If this decision was made before the advertisement was released, then why was it notified in the advertisement that the increased fee would be refunded or RRB wanted to see how the children would be reacting on the increased charges.

If the children pay the fees silently, then if not properly then they will be returned. If this decision was taken after the advertisement was released, then it has been taken to pressurize the media and children’s performance. If this is so, then the fact that the minister is presenting about the increase in the ministerial fees is wrong.

Second question: The minister will tell that who takes such a decision in such a large institution as the Railway who are later withdrawn. The maximum age limit for some posts was increased from 30 to 28, then it was again turned to 30. To make ITI compulsory for some posts, then remove this Criteria. It sounds like jokes with the kids. The minister will tell who will compensate the children’s loss due to the RRB’s mistake. Because of all these changes, children leave their preparations and land on the road, their time wasted, who will take responsibility for it?

Third question: Will the Minister of Railways tell you that what will happen to poor children who are unable to fill forms? Children who do not have 500 or 250 rupees for filling up the form will do. Many of these are such children who have been preparing for government jobs like Railways for many years. Minister, you should have understood that there are many students inside the country who do not have 500 rupees and 500 rupees to fill the form.

He wants to go to a sector like railway because the fee for filling the form is low. Minister, you said that the increased fee will be refunded. But you did not mind that thousands of poor students will not be able to fill the form because of raising the fees. What will happen to these students? If the charges do not increase, then people fills the form. Now his dream of working in the railway was broken?

Now the fourth question is about reducing the fee. You said that the children who sit in exams will be given back money. In the number of days you will pay back this increased fee, and the biggest question is whether any transaction fees will be charged on the refund to the children, if it looks, then who will pay the transaction fee, RRB or children? Minister, do not you think that time of government banks will also be wasted in the withdrawal of children’s money.

Even today, government bank employees have been given jobs that do not fall under their purview. Minister, another question is that more than five million children will fill the form for the exam. Will the RRB retain the increased fees of these children for at least three months, will you give it to the children, or the RRB has raised the fee to keep this interest in hand?

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