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Cancer – One of every Two Men and One of every Three Women Will Get It. What to Do?

Cancer – One of every Two Men and One of every Three Women Will Get It. What to Do?

There is nothing that puts more dread in individuals than a determination of Cancer. Factually, we now have one of every two possibilities (male) or one out of three shots (female) of getting the disease before the finish of our life (American Cancer Society insights for the year 2003). Toward the start of the twentieth century, measurements gave us one of every 500 odds of getting growth.

All diseases considered, in the event that you have an essential growth (in one area just) the most hopeful insights just give you 28% odds of recuperation. On the off chance that you have metastatic malignancy (in more than one area) at that point your odds of recuperation are 0.1% or at the end of the day, one shot in one thousand to recoup – (measurements from Dr Philip Binzel book “Perfectly healthy” distributed by American Media).

The news is hopeless no doubt. In any case, as we will see later on, this need not be the situation.

As far as I can recall, I have perused daily paper articles, heard claims on TV or radio, revealing new “ponder” cures on the war against tumor. Triumph against this repulsive illness was, as per these reports, practically around the bend. Why is it then that such a large number of individuals are as yet biting the dust from this malady? Are the 600 UK growth philanthropies (The biggest UK foundations being Imperial Cancer Research Fund, Cancer Research Campaign and Institute of Cancer Research) deceiving us?

The “American Cancer Society” is the wealthiest philanthropy on the planet. All obligations paid, it would at present have a large portion of a billion dollars in the bank!

Linus Pauling, the champ of two Nobel prizes, assumed so when he stated: “Everybody should realize that most malignancy look into is to a great extent a cheat and that the significant growth inquire about associations are abandoned in their obligations to the general population who bolster them.”

What is Cancer?

Present day scientists have for a long time been investigating the infection association at a cost of billions of dollars and pounds. The forlorn outcome is that “no disease that was serious 25 years back is reparable today and that, for the most widely recognized growths that kills 90% of patients today chemotherapy is no superior to anything a quack remedy” (The Cancer Handbook. What Doctors don’t disclose to you production. By Lynne Taggart).

When you are determined to have disease, the specialist is truly saying that you have one or a few tumors in your body and that no less than one of the tumors contains some growth cells. They see the tumors as the adversary that must be battled and obliterated and every one of their endeavors are coordinated against annihilating the tumors.

What is a tumor however? A tumor is just an indication; it demonstrates that something has turned out badly in your body and that your invulnerable framework is not any more accessible to battle it. Numerous specialists guarantee that we as a whole have tumors in our body and that few times throughout our life we get disease. Be that as it may, we don’t all pass on from growth. The reason is that our body’s safeguard instrument spring vigorously when a tumor is shaped and disposes of it or possibly kills it. In the event that malignancy cells are starting to shape, these are executed off by our insusceptible framework and all has returned to ordinary.

Be that as it may if for reasons unknown our safe framework is seriously inadequate and we can’t ward off the arrangement of the destructive cells, at that point malady spreads.

What should be done to battle the tumor isn’t such a great amount to evacuate it (surgery), consume it (radiation) or harm it (chemotherapy) as all these will debilitate our insusceptible framework (harming both our liver and kidneys to a point where it is troublesome for our body to fend off any medical issue). Be that as it may, to discover why the tumor shaped in any case and evacuate the reason.

Battling it as per Dr Binzel is no great, our body now has in its memory the formula to shape tumors and utilizations the negative fixings we nourish it with to frame new tumors and it will infrequently quit doing as such unless we expel the reason. The absence of positive fixings (Vitamins, minerals and basic compounds) to fend off the tumor is similarly as essential.

Give me a chance to contrast this thinking and the straightforward case of a tooth contamination. There is no reason for taking painkillers to settle the tooth. I concede you that they will presumably soothe the agony however I declare that they won’t cure the tooth. What should be done is to dispose of the disease with anti-toxins or have the tooth evacuated.

What do tumor cells feast upon?

A few factors, for example, slim down, negative feelings/push and ecological poisons are normally in charge of the advancement of malignancy. Dietary talking, disease cells require sustenance to survive. Dr Otto Warburg got the Nobel Prize for deductively demonstrating that growth sustain from the aging of sugar:

“in malignancy cells [the feeding] is supplanted by a vitality yielding response of the most minimal living structures; to be specific, an aging of glucose” (cited in aversion – May 1968).

As indicated by Macrobiotic drug hypothesis, malignancy cells additionally feast upon creature protein (a wide range of meat, particularly chicken yet in addition especially on dairy, eggs and so on..)

Recognizing malignancy

As of now, specialists frequently play out a biopsy when malignancy is suspected. A biopsy is a method for removing an amount of issue from a tumor and test it to check whether it is dangerous. The issue with this strategy is that if the tumor is dangerous and the tumor is punctured, there is an unmistakable hazard that the destructive fluid will spread to encompassing cells and spread the malignancy around the body (Roger Delin – restorative examiner – Philippines.

Bosom disease is frequently analyzed utilizing a mammogram. The fundamental producer of mammographic hardware is an organization called “Smarlight Mammographics”. They state: “We anticipated that blunder rates would be around 30%, yet the extensive variety of results (10%-90%) was an eye-opener.” Amazing confirmation from the biggest producer of what is considered as a definitive test to identify bosom tumor. Incredible !

It is intriguing to discover that examinations have demonstrated that numerous undetected malignancies were available in the assortment of individuals who kicked the bucket from different causes. This makes a joke of medicinal measurements and affirms that in reality a considerable number of diseases are never identified and don’t compulsorily cause demise.

A Swedish report has uncovered that 15% of real growths were not uncovered before death and around half were of a sort typically viewed as deadly (ref: wddty).

Current approach and advance on disease

The advanced way to deal with treat tumor is surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, hormones and immunotherapy. The level of oncologists (growth specialists) who might not take an interest in chemotherapy trials is a disturbing 75% (because of its lethality).

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