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Savas Guven told the path of good profit in business

Sydney CEO Savas Guven Propert Case

Savas Guven told the path of good profit in business You should be more convinced than any other person in your business. If the person has passion for his work, then he will overcome all his imperfections. I do not know if man is born with passion or he can develop it. But I know so much that you need it.Savas Guven say If you love your work, then you will want to do it every day in the best possible way, and soon you will be able to catch it with you like any other fever.

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Savas Guven say Sell ​​Profit to all the workers and treat them as a partner

Savas Guven say In return, employees will also treat you as a partner and then you will be able to do better than you can.Savas Guven say If you wish, keep your control on the company but lead as a servant. Encourage your colleagues to buy company stocks and give them discounted stocks at the time of retirement.Maybe this is the most important thing from all the things that we have done till today.Only money and ownership is not enough.In everyday new innovative ways Motivate and challenge your partners. Set big goals, promote competition .Savas Guven say if the environment is fading, then switch one manager’s job to another and be excited to make them better. Do not make yourself very predictable, let people guess what your next trick will be.

Savas Guven advise Communicate everything possible to your partners

Savas Guven sayBy doing this, they will understand the business better, and the more they understand, the more care will be done. And when he starts to care then nobody can stop him. If you hide things from your associates then they will understand that you do not consider them a partner. Information is power,Sydeny CEO say the benefit you gain by empowering your asoocites is more than the damage done by the competitor to know the matter.

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